What we’re all About


We’re small, but mighty.
Daring, but wise. Go-getters.
Visionaries. Digital experts.
A force to be reckoned with.
But most importantly, Pixels & Digits is ALWAYS on your side.


Meet Bree.

Bree is a veteran of creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals. 

Growing up in Los Angeles, she came to Dallas as soon as she could. While attending the University of Texas - Arlington, she supported herself by working at Advertising agencies, Public Relations firms, and Political campaigns.

After graduating, she used her talents to dive fully into the world of national political consulting. Her campaign work translated to winning campaigns for some of the most well-known United States Senators, Congressmen, Super PACs, and Nonprofits.

After briefly joining the private sector in big pharma and medical devices, she created Pixels & Digits to help her freelance clients as efficiently and effectively as possible. She brings her years of aggressive political strategy and creative nature to any project or team she works with, including yours. 

She is a tenacious entrepreneur, digital strategist, creative powerhouse, amateur cyclist, dog mom of two, and content creator extraordinaire. You can find her and her husband brunching on the weekends or traveling the country watching the Dallas Stars try to win the Stanley Cup again.

Meet Amy.

Amy is a proven and trusted voice in all things graphic design. She has been working in the advertising and marketing world since Bree was in diapers. Specializing in brand management and brand recognition, Amy can take an idea from conception to a killer finished product which will get you and your company noticed for all the right reasons. 

Originally from Colorado, she moved to Dallas in search of finding the perfect clients. Not to mention all the golden advertising opportunities the metroplex holds. She has worked in various venues - from design firms, to small or large corporation marketing departments. She received her degrees in Public Relations and Graphic Design from the University of Northern Colorado. 

Amy is a seasoned and talented designer, a marketing guru, and a detail-driven perfectionist. When she’s not cheering on her son at a baseball game, or serving up some serious swings on the tennis court, she spends her time with her husband and her adorable black lab.

meet pavan.

Chief Executing Officer (CEO) and founder of Nyros Technologies, Pavan says he started Nyros at the young age of 25 in the ‘software-services-no-where-land’ of Kakinada, India with two ideal causes. The first, to show an employment source to people here and around the world. The second, to introduce the potential of today’s technology and simplify the existence of people and businesses.

Pavan’s ideologies, professionalism, vision, continuous research, and other entrepreneurial efforts have made him stand out as a good human and key person behind the success of the Nyros brand.

As a young entrepreneur, Pavan formed Nyros and stood as an inspiration icon. His creative mind and innovative business methods added invariably to the growth of the company. His excellent team management, technical background, and forecasting skills enabled Nyros to run successfully over the last 12 years and has popularized as the leading software company in India.

Pavan holds a MS in Information Technology and Engineering. He was the former CEO of Navigate Global Technologies, a software services company, which is later merged into Nyros. Earlier in his career, Pavan served as Senior Analyst and also held a number of sales and business development positions.